Master Group

About Us

We stand strong on own two feet!


Far away from the world of external financing, stock listings and merger Plans, the MASTER-Group has become one of the largest private-sector-oriented partners of the PMS and POS software industry in 20 + years of activity. We see ourselves as a conservative service provider with the entre-preneurial interest of creating safe, long-term jobs.

The MASTER-Group was the first company in the sector to provide a complete All in one service and has thus made a lasting impact on today`s innovative Approaches to solving problems.

Today, we combine independence with innovative thinking and acting-that includes for example the development and marketing of innovative high-tech products for the efficient operation of PMS and POS business networks. Top quality and high technological standards always apply to our entire portfolio of services.

We make a visit to the PMS and POS station a real experience! Our innovative products and services make your consumers into regular customers. Whether you are in the PMS and POS station, state-of-the-art technology from the MASTER-Group provides your customers with optimum service. And, if your business processes need revising, just contact our Help Center where experts in all areas of commodity control and staff management are waiting to help you.

Safety is another important tenet of you philosophy! We make sure that you don`t need to worry: the safety of your company, your partners and your staff is as important to us as our responsibility to the environment.

Community is the key to
increased quality and creativity


All companies in the MASTER-group are based in the software business. The co-operation of our various companies in several European countries ensures the creative exchange of market information and experience bringing new impulses and ideas from which you benefit! It`s not without reason that we have been one of the leading suppliers to the PMS and POS industry for 20 + years with the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art PMS and POS station management systems.

Our companies` service portfolio focuses on everything relevant to the maintenance and service of PMS and POS stations. With us, your project is always in good hands-from the initial concept to the final turnkey construction. In each phase of the project, specialists ensure optimum project results. Cost transparency and sound order handling are the basis of our service philosophy. Competent implementation, short response times and preventive maintenance are also an integral part of our interpretation of service.

A company is only as good
as its employees


Our employees are our capital! The MASTER-Group has been able to acquire its leading position in the market thanks to its competent and highly productive employees. We are proud of our highly qualified specialists in the areas software development, PMS management, POS management, electrical and electronics engineering, co-ordination, customer care, the construction of PMS and POS systems, electric protection, maintenance, one-site technology, web advertising and many more.

To ensure that things stay this way in the future, the company organizes seminars and training sessions which take place on a regular basis and which are open to employees in every department. Of utmost importance is a creative, motivating working atmosphere in which there is always room for ambitious thinking and people working on their own initiative. Our employees are extremely competent and are given plenty of freedom to offer the customer more than he was expecting.

Satisfied customers are
the best form of advertising


For 20 + years now the MASTER-Group has been offering the PMS and POS industry a comprehensive All in one portfolio of services. We have had the privilege of serving many international customers during this time. Thanks to our technology as well as to our business and service competence, some of our customers have even made us their exclusive service provider.

We see ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers. Whether our job is to be the general replacement of some other software solution or a complete integration, installation and implementation, act as a consultant for a specific task or “simply” be the leading system supplier, all companies in the MASTER-Group are committed to competence, quality and professional handling.

Companies in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, BiH, Macedonia, Croatia, Switzerland and many more, give us a European orientation, while at the same time guaranteeing local representation.

The loyalty of our satisfied, national and international clientele show just how successful our corporate concept is. We like to thank our customers by constantly updating and extending our service portfolio.

Perfect customer care


Better safe than sorry! You can always count on the MASTER-Group being competent and ready for action at short notice. It doesn`t matter whether you want to take advantage of this in the form of a fixed service contract with calculable, day-to-day costs, or simply when you need it. We will be there for you-across borders throughout Europe.

Our know-how for your PMS and POS business: our service technicians are experts in all areas of PMS and POS technology, hardware, network and other necessary part of our business technology.

Time is money and, in our sector, often a critical safety factor. Our servicing is totally reliable. Whether we are looking after your entire operation or just one part of your PMS or POS station, our specialists are there for you 24 hours a day! Even in an emergency, you can be sure all work is carried out to the highest specification. This reduced the danger of further risk and lowers the costs.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, some of which originate from our own development, we can now even manage your PMS and POS station via the Internet!

Advising with experience and competence


Fill up on our know-how! Our long years of experience, combined with constant further training and involvement in the PMS and POS sector, guarantee you competent consulting in business management, site selection, cost planning and organization structuring with a safe view to the future.

Realism combined with visions-we will get you to your goal!

We combine realistic corporate appraisal with new ideas and innovative concepts and thus help you in the optimum implementation of your aim.

Consulting is a question of understanding and trust. We attach great importance to lasting co- operation with our customers. A sound basis of trust is the best foundation for this. Which is why there is no greater confirmation of our work than your success.

Perfect technology on both
a small and large scale

Software Engineering

Software engineering goes future! The roots of the MASTER-Group lie in the development of POS systems. We have always ensured that our experience keeps pace with state-of-the-art technology-whether that means that we implement Caffe or highly sophisticated systems based on modern software cloud and real time web management technology.

Just as when the business started, we still focus on everything hands on: all phases of software engineering are handled operatively by our own personnel.

We have always been keen to extend our core competence over the years through expansion and diversification. This means that the MASTER-Group now provides supplementary general services in the sector of state-of-the-art infrastructures for POS hardware and POS printer with our brand.

From the idea to the GO LIVE


We make the best out of yours ideas! We present you creative possibilities and proposals for implementation taking local conditions and the budget into consideration. This still leaves a lot of room, however, for you own ideas and wishes.

Our binding cost quotation and a realistic schedule for the professional realization ensure that your vision become reality. And that avoids nasty surprises and disappointing project results.

Our own implementation department guarantees maximum commitment and top quality in every working phase: we are always the competent partner at your side regardless of whether it is a question. Naturally a major part of the job is the calculation and construction of your complete project. And our special service: we take care that GO LIVE really is GO LIVE in time.

Time for the grand opening!

Individual product consulting


The MASTER-Group attaches particular importance to the expansion of international sales. We sell our systems successfully in lots of European countries and in other countries.

But what we see as being equally important is competent consulting on the selection of product for the entire PMS and POS. Our specialist sales staff will provide you with all the necessary information to suit your particular product need. We offer our customers a particularly extensive range of products thanks to our international relation with other leading manufacturers of PMS and POS station products.

An extensive network of resellers and partners in Europe and World Wide supplements and rounds of our sales structure. This means we can offer you a comprehensive sales and after-sales service-regardless of your location.

All our location have sufficient storage capacity for us to be able to deliver the material ordered-either by us or the customer-on time, at short notice.

State-of-the-art technologies
for your PMS and POS station


With our innovative products, we can offer you today the right equipment for the PMS and POS station of tomorrow.

Flexible into the future-state-of-the-art technologies such as the RWM (Real-Time Web Manager)-open up a whole new world of possibilities in PMS and POS station management. Whatever configuration your ultimately decide to have, the high modularity of our “MSS – Master Software Solution” guarantees readiness for action an all areas.

The modern products of the MASTER-Group ensure that you are always that crucial step ahead of the competition. The portfolio ranges from self-service POS system, through fast-lane express restaurant, to highly complex installations with a convenience store, specialized store, restaurant and hotel. Our technologies provide you with both high investment protection and long product life cycles.

Straight to success! As there is a clear ownership structure in the MASTER-Group, we can keep the lines of decision as short as possible. Whenever you feel the need to think about diversification projects or about special developments tailored to our requirements, we are in the starting blocks with an individual solution.

Thanks to a unique symbiosis of high-tech and manual work, the MASTER-Group provides state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of top-quality services. We set the highest European standards while remaining uncomplicated and reliable: the MASTER-Group is basically one big family.